Make Running a Mile Worthwhile With Protein Powder

We all have been raised with the belief that protein supplements are bad for your health. Most people are aware that they can fulfill their protein requirements through various sources such as chicken, steak, almonds, peanuts, egg, fish, milk, and more. However, sometimes, it is difficult to get adequate protein through these sources especially when you have to eat once every three hours. After all, making and eating every three hours is a troublesome job! This is where protein supplements come into play.


Protein is bodylicious!

If you are new to bodybuilding, you might be curious (or rather skeptical) about protein supplements. Sometimes, questions doubt your mind like are protein supplements necessary for me? Will they really work for me? How much do I need? Indeed, these questions are common for those who are new to bodybuilding.

The first step to health is protein

The focus of any diet should be food, and protein supplements are just an addition, but they truly can make your life much easier. If your protein intake needs to be more than 200 grams per day, you must choose a good quality protein supplement. In conclusion, if you are to eat six times per day to get your protein requirements fulfilled, then with this new addition to your diet, you can limit yourself to eating a maximum of three times per day.

Know the safety of protein powder beforehand

It is necessary to acknowledge the safety of the protein powder you choose before making it a part of your daily diet. Undoubtedly, these supplements work well in building and maintaining healthy muscles when combined with diet and exercise. Unfortunately, not all supplements are as safe as they claim to be. Some contain artificial colors, fructose or saccharin that can prove to be damaging to your body rather than giving you positive results. That’s why it is important to look for a protein powder with natural ingredients.

How much do I need?

It is a well-known fact that protein is a very important macro nutrient and needs to be eaten frequently throughout the day.

Recommended amount of protein

1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass
Use protein supplements as a pre workout or post workout shake rather than a meal replacement, as there is no other substitute for food.

Tips you need to care for-

“It is never too early or too late for a protein supplement”

Initiate with whey

If you are a beginner, it is better to start with whey protein, as it is easily digestible. It can be taken before, during and after your workout, as these are the phases when you need energy the most.

Choose higher protein

When buying a protein powder for muscle gain, go for the one with a high amount of protein that is also low in carbs, sugar, sodium, calories, and fats.

Buy online

It is better to buy these supplements online where prices are half of what you would have to pay in a store. If you are looking for high-quality protein supplements, Halt is the best place to visit. You can explore a great variety of these supplements ranging from casein protein, hydrolyzed whey protein, and whey protein blends to whey protein isolate and protein bars. Order online and avail these products at very attractive prices.

Thus, these protein powders available in India are a great option after you work out or whenever you are in between meals and in need of protein. For more details, please visit the website


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