Creatine – The Most Popular Sports Nutrition Of Anytime

If you are into bodybuilding, you might have often come across the term creatine, though you may not be aware of what creatine actually is. Creatine is known to increase your overall workout intensity that means you can achieve higher level of muscle mass


Fed up of pushing hard in the gym but not getting required results? Creatine has come up for your rescue. It will definitely assist you in building muscles faster. If you are following a strict workout program and struggling to make enough volume in it, you are the most suitable one to get benefits from creatine.

Genuine reasons that will make you to consider taking creatine

Keep it in mind that the creatine cannot everything on its own;you need to push yourself much harder and feed your body with enough calories in order to build the muscle mass. Creatine will make all this easier for you.

Apart from building muscle mass, you can expect much more from it. It is best known to increase the athletic performance due to its ability to provide you with better muscular contractions. Additionally, you need creatine due to the muscle pumps that you will get. The bodybuilders usually workout with a main goal to see their muscle growth at the end of the workout and nothing can be much better than using creatine to get those muscle pumps.

Creatine serves as a great bodybuilding staple

If you are undergoing a rigorous training program, creatine supplements will allow you to train at a much higher frequency that will provide you with quicker and significant muscular gains. Once you are done with your workout, you need creatine for muscle recovery.

Time for women to feel stronger with creatine

If you are a woman and are willing to use creatine supplement, there might be many queries that come across your mind. Are there any health benefits of creatine for women? Does it work differently from the way it works for men? Undoubtedly, the creatine supplements are a hit with men, but these can be more beneficial to women.

Usually, women have the tendency to stay away from the supplements that promise weight gains, as they are afraid that they might get bulky or gulp. Unlike men, women do not gain weight from creatine supplements even when loading. Creatine is known to have antioxidant effect that alleviates muscle damage and improves recovery. This includes all that a women need from a supplement.

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Facts you need to know about BCAA supplements

BCAAs are best known to provide the basis for protein synthesis and production of energy. Thus, you need to take enough BCAAs at the right times. The dietary intake of BCAAs directly influences the plasma levels and concentration in muscle tissue. These BCAAs are burned for energy during exercise and serve as an important fuel for exercise. There are certain benefits that you can expect with BCAAs:


Helps in muscular oxidation

These supplements lower the lactate levels after resistance training thus improving muscular oxidation. They may also increase the growth hormone circulation thus causing the growth of muscles.

Improve your workout intensity

BCAAs can be more beneficial than reducing the breakdown and increasing protein synthesis. They also assist in improving the intensity of your workout.

BCAA supplements do not need digestion

These are usually free form, require no digestion, and can be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. They are known to increase the blood amino acid levels to a much greater extent thus leaving an immediate impact on protein synthesis and protein degradation.

Increases time to exhaustion in aerobic exercise

Intake of BCAAs during sustained exercise will increase your performance. Indeed, it will enhance your exercise capacity and oxidation of lipid during endurance exercise.

Time to decrease fatigue from exercise

BCAAs are best known to decrease fatigue from exercise thus improving training motivation. Besides this, they are also considered to accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and improve the fat use for energy.

Apart from these benefits, if you have taken time off from training due to injury or lack of time, increasing the intake of BCAAs will minimize muscle loss. Thus, intake of BCAA supplements will increase muscle retention and will also maximize fat loss more effectively. These supplements are completely worthwhile for athletes and bodybuilders.

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Coolest Foods to Stock Up and Beat the Heat

It’s a bright sunny day outside and the mercury level is rising to new highs. With the scorching heat and escalating humidity levels, summers can drain you. You might even feel dehydrated on most days. There are various ways to keep yourself cool that include cooling foods to keep your diet balanced and to keep your energy levels stable. The best foods that will help you keep your cool in summer are:



Watermelon contains antioxidants that are known to fight against free radical damage and prevent inflammation. It also helps keep you energized and hydrated especially when you work out. Moreover, the vitamins present in it are also known to fight a number of diseases including arthritis, asthma, and several types of cancer. Thus, when the thought of hot food makes you sweaty and reluctant; cool yourself with a refreshing watermelon, feta, and mint salad.


Coconut Water

Coconut is laden with simple sugars, electrolytes, and essential minerals that help your body stay hydrated. Additionally, it is also considered that coconut water has anti-aging properties, as well.


Lime Water

Simple limewater is not only refreshing; it also has many health benefits. Take it salted or sweet and beat the heat.


Green Veggies

Green veggies contain a high water content that is enough to keep you cool during summer. Avoid overcooking as it may lead to loss of water. You can go for a refreshing veggie sushi if you want to have a lighter dinner without making you feel bloated or fatigued.

ice cream

Ice Cream

Summers are no fun without ice cream. You can make ice cream at home and add fresh fruit to it.

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Make Running a Mile Worthwhile With Protein Powder

We all have been raised with the belief that protein supplements are bad for your health. Most people are aware that they can fulfill their protein requirements through various sources such as chicken, steak, almonds, peanuts, egg, fish, milk, and more. However, sometimes, it is difficult to get adequate protein through these sources especially when you have to eat once every three hours. After all, making and eating every three hours is a troublesome job! This is where protein supplements come into play.


Protein is bodylicious!

If you are new to bodybuilding, you might be curious (or rather skeptical) about protein supplements. Sometimes, questions doubt your mind like are protein supplements necessary for me? Will they really work for me? How much do I need? Indeed, these questions are common for those who are new to bodybuilding.

The first step to health is protein

The focus of any diet should be food, and protein supplements are just an addition, but they truly can make your life much easier. If your protein intake needs to be more than 200 grams per day, you must choose a good quality protein supplement. In conclusion, if you are to eat six times per day to get your protein requirements fulfilled, then with this new addition to your diet, you can limit yourself to eating a maximum of three times per day.

Know the safety of protein powder beforehand

It is necessary to acknowledge the safety of the protein powder you choose before making it a part of your daily diet. Undoubtedly, these supplements work well in building and maintaining healthy muscles when combined with diet and exercise. Unfortunately, not all supplements are as safe as they claim to be. Some contain artificial colors, fructose or saccharin that can prove to be damaging to your body rather than giving you positive results. That’s why it is important to look for a protein powder with natural ingredients.

How much do I need?

It is a well-known fact that protein is a very important macro nutrient and needs to be eaten frequently throughout the day.

Recommended amount of protein

1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass
Use protein supplements as a pre workout or post workout shake rather than a meal replacement, as there is no other substitute for food.

Tips you need to care for-

“It is never too early or too late for a protein supplement”

Initiate with whey

If you are a beginner, it is better to start with whey protein, as it is easily digestible. It can be taken before, during and after your workout, as these are the phases when you need energy the most.

Choose higher protein

When buying a protein powder for muscle gain, go for the one with a high amount of protein that is also low in carbs, sugar, sodium, calories, and fats.

Buy online

It is better to buy these supplements online where prices are half of what you would have to pay in a store. If you are looking for high-quality protein supplements, Halt is the best place to visit. You can explore a great variety of these supplements ranging from casein protein, hydrolyzed whey protein, and whey protein blends to whey protein isolate and protein bars. Order online and avail these products at very attractive prices.

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Carry the Basics of Fitness Along With You before Visiting a Gym

It is high time to stop being a potato couch and create some gym goals that can help you improve your life. When you enter a gym, you’ll find rigid weight machines and expensive cardio equipment which will be enough to help you reach your goals and become as fit as you possibly can.
Regardless of the essentials available to you within the gym, you still need to active and moving. Even if you don’t have your gym gear today, don’t make it an excuse for avoiding the gym.


Go through this checklist that includes some essentials you need for the gym –

Gym Bag
The most basic essential you will need when going to the gym. If you are looking for high-quality gym bags, Halt is just a click away. They offer you a great variety of gym bags available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Moreover, they are ideal for both men and women. Check for their color block design with spacious interiors and webbed handles. Look for their great variety and choose one that suits you the best.

Shaker bottle
Your gym bag is incomplete without a shaker bottle that you can use for all of your refreshment needs. It is a must-have to hold all of your pre and post workout supplements or water. That’s why it’s important to grab a good shaker bottle so that you can have easily digestible protein rather than some clumsy mixture that you have to choke down. Check out the best protein shaker bottles at Halt, who are committed to providing you with high-quality products. For more details, please visit the website

Gym Apparel
Needless to say, your workout will be beyond the satisfaction level with good training clothes. If you are planning to hit the gym after a hectic day, it is better to pack some breathable clothes. If you are looking for high-quality apparel for your gym, it is time to click on Halt. You can avail this apparel at very attractive prices.

People generally consider music to be highly-motivating when hitting the gym. Have your personal playlist ready before you visit the gym and expect better results.

These gym essentials are required to intensify your training and overcome a plateau.

Good fats and bad fats- That’s all you need to know

Fats have always been misunderstood as a major reason for rising obesity rates and the problems associated with extra weight, heart disease, and diabetes. However, you can’t deny the fact; either, that fats are an important part of your diet for many reasons.


Fats – The most concentrated form of food energy

The fats you eat give your body the energy that you need to work out effectively. During your workout, carbohydrates are the best source of calories, but after some time, you need the energy from fat to keep going. Plus, if you want your skin and hair to grow healthy and shiny, you must include fats in your diet.

Fats need to be an essential part of your diet. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the essential fatty acids that they should include in their diet. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on the kind of fats you eat. Just replace unhealthy fats with healthy sources such as olive oil, avocados, and nuts.

All of these fats differ due to their chemical structure and trigger crucial differences in form and function

“Pick the right heart-healthy fat”

Good fats and bad fats- Where lies the difference?

Good fats give us energy while bad fats produce bad cholesterol that can, in turn, lead to many health issues.

Bad fats

The worst type of fat is known as trans fat. It is derived from the process of hydrogenation that is used to turn healthy oils into solids. It is formed when vegetable oil is heated in the presence of hydrogen which turns the oil into a solid. Thus, it transforms healthy vegetable oils into oil with unhealthy saturated fat. If you eat foods rich in trans fats, it will increase the amount of harmful LDL cholesterol and reduce the amount of good HDL cholesterol. These trans fats are responsible for creating inflammation that triggers heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

In addition to trans fats, saturated fats are also considered bad fats. They are also known to increase the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. These fats are found in animal products such as meat fat, processed foods, and full-fat products.

Good fats

Monounsaturated fats

These are essential for lowering your cholesterol. Examples of monounsaturated fats include olive oil, canola oil, nuts, seeds, lean meats, and avocados. These fats can help decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Polyunsaturated fats

These fats are even better at lowering your cholesterol than monounsaturated fats. You can get these fats from oily fish such as salmon, as well as nuts and soya products. They are also considered good for heart, eye, and even mental health. These fats not only decrease the risk of coronary artery disease, they also help lower blood pressure levels.

It’s high time to analyze your fat diet

Isn’t it time to start working on reducing in the amount of saturated and trans fats in your diet?

Avoid cooking oils that are rich in saturated or trans fats. Instead use oils that are high in mono or poly unsaturated fatty acids.
Always check labels thoroughly for trans fats
Make use of lower fat dairy products such as skim milk instead of whole milk.

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Importance of Carb Nutrition after Workout

You just had a sweat-breaking workout and now you deserve some well-earned carbs. It seems like you need this to kick-start your day. Unfortunately, it is a partial truth. You surely need carbohydrates after a workout, especially when your muscles absorb the nutrients quickly, but you also need to follow the best strategy for consuming these carbs. During strenuous exercise, your muscles use glucose and glycogen for energy and carbohydrates are required to replenish the muscle glycogen stores after the workout.


Before going overboard with carb consumption, it is high time to know how many carbs you need after a workout –

 Amount of carbs stored by an average person –

  • Carbs stored in liver – 100gm
  • Carbs stored in muscles – 400gm

After a strenuous workout, the person will burn 25% of the muscle glycogen.

The good news is that you will not have to binge on carbs post workout. Just divide your intake throughout the day and you can have more pre-workout carbs, making you feel fuller.

A quick glance at the ideal post work out carb consumption

Depending on your nutrition, training, and schedule, if you workout hardcore every day, you can replace your burned up carbs with 0.25- 0.50 grams per pound of body weight post workout.

Keep all of this information in mind. It is better to eat the required carbs rather than sweets in the name of post workout carbs. If you are looking for something additional that is an easily digestible blend of complex carbohydrates, choose Halt. You can easily buy these carb supplements online, which are a convenient source of energy for active individuals. You can buy these supplements for attractive prices with on-time delivery right to your doorstep. For more details, visit the website


Dos and Don’ts for a Bodybuilding Enthusiast

These days, nearly every man wants to be a bodybuilder and have a masculine physique that boasts raw power. However, it also comes with certain rules and regulations. After all, it isn’t child’s play but rather a very serious activity.


It’s important to acknowledge certain dos and don’ts of bodybuilding prior to going for it:

  • Avoid fatty foods: If chocolates are your favorite, find a new favorite. You will have to be tough and stay away from nasty fats, excessive salt, and sugar.
  • Have a supervised training: Bodybuilding involves proper muscle-making activity that includes a lot of technicalities. You might come across certain queries related to nutrition, so workout a schedule where you will be advised by a supervised trainer. It’s important to get trained under professional supervision for maximum results.
  • Follow a strict nutrition plan: Kick start your day with a basic breakfast of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats so that you can establish your metabolism. Your body needs all of these nutrients, as the proteins are required to build muscles while carbohydrates and fats supply the fuel for energy. You can order your favorite protein supplement online at Halt. You can find a wide array of bodybuilding supplements ranging from casein proteins and whey proteins to proteins bars and whey protein isolates online. These products are available at very attractive prices. It is important to fuel your body with a proper meal in the morning so that you won’t feel nutrition or strength-deficient. You can also consult your nutritionist to provide you with a detailed chart as per your training requirements.
  • Ensure that you have all the exercise essentials: Make sure that you have all of the essential protection and support during weight training. If you are looking for good-quality gym essentials, you can visit Halt. Whether you need fitness gloves, gym bags, sauna belts, apparels, equipment, and accessories or shaker, you will find these products here at attractive prices.

If you are into bodybuilding, it is important to take it positively as sometimes you may end up having ego clashes with your fellow bodybuilders. Thus, it is important to focus on sensible training rather than going for unnecessary ego stunts.

Have Protein Bars as an Ideal Post Workout Snacking Option

Proteins for a speedy workout recovery
Just brushing your knowledge, your hair and nails are mainly made of proteins. Additionally, proteins are the major demand of your body to repair and build the tissues. It is also required to make enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals. Moreover, proteins also serve as the important building blocks of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin or blood.


If you consume high protein foods, you can avail many benefits such as:
• Maintaining a healthy weight
• Reducing muscle loss
• Lean muscle building
• Quick recovery after workout
• Alleviating hunger

Sometimes, you are in a rush and you do not have time to meet your protein requirements. The only option you can decide to turn to is a protein bar. You will find the protein bar absolutely delicious and you will definitely want to include it in your daily diet.

While choosing a protein bar, it is really important to acknowledge which one is best for you that can meet your protein requirement. There are certain points that you can keep in your mind while looking for the best protein bars:

Look for the calorie count
Check for calorie count before consuming any protein bar. If you are on a low calorie diet, it will not be wise to have a high calorie protein bar. Thus, it is important to check for the calorie level of the protein bar that you are choosing.

Check for carbs to protein ratio
Before adding a protein bar in your diet, it is important to check for carb to protein ratio. It is significant to ensure that the protein content is high enough as compared to the carbohydrates.

Go through the carbohydrate content
Just take a peek at the carbohydrate content of the protein bar. If you are looking to lose some fat, then more carbohydrate content can be a way too high for your diet regime.

Thus, you must take a note all the contents that are present within a protein bar prior to its intake. If you are looking for highly authentic protein bars online in India so that you can feed yourself when you are famished, Halt is the best place to go. It offers you a great variety of the protein bars where you can choose the one carefully while keeping in mind the aforementioned points.

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Either Feel ‘Sore Tomorrow’ or ‘Sorry Tomorrow’

It’s no longer about being “Skinny;” it’s about being “Healthy.”

Do you hate going to the gym or avoid working up a sweat? To intensify results, use Fat Burner Supplements without Side Effects after short or intense workouts. There are workouts specially intended for those who are either too lazy or busy to do much physical activity.


Admit it – You need some time to workout!
Just realize that no matter what your situation is, you need to find time for physical activity. Even a minimum of 23 minutes can be beneficial. Can’t you find less than 2% of a week’s time to devote to working out?

Some guidelines to follow that will make a difference

Take the stairs and avoid the elevator
• Take a step toward better health.
• When people think of exercise, many think about going out and running a marathon. Running or walking upstairs is incredibly helpful for your wellbeing.
• It is the best way to incorporate exercise into your life.
• It is much easier done than you think.

Park your car at the farthest end of the parking lot
• Instead of driving, consider walking whenever possible.
• You can inculcate a substantial amount of exercise into your life with minimal effort.
• A very non-intrusive and non-boring way to introduce a workout.

Walk a mile three days every week
• Consistent walking is an easy and effective workout plan
• Helps you burn calories
• Make healthier food choices alongside walking three times a week

Choose whole grain sandwiches instead of greasy lunches

Drink more water than soda
• Swapping your soda with water is the best way to cut calories and fully hydrate
• Sodas are a big cause of weight gain and obesity
• Stop buying soda bottles and opt for water
• Purchase a water bottle and keep it at your workplace

Go for these aforementioned tips to lose a surprising amount of weight without much effort. If you are looking for some weight loss supplements, Halt is the best place to go. You can scroll through a great variety of Diet Supplements to Lose Weight here. Choose the one that suits you best and buy it at an attractive price. For more details, please visit